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Business Law Attorneys For Consulting, Expansion And Growth

When building business relationships, how can you ensure your interests will be fully preserved in contract negotiations? When a problem with a business contract arises, how will you resolve the matter without exposure to significant liability? Do you know how to effectively run your business and ensure it acts like a business in terms of regulatory compliance? How can you ensure you do not become personally responsible for business debt? When you are ready to explore growth opportunities, how can you turn those ideas into action?

Partner With A Law Firm That Aligns Its Interests With Yours

Operating a small business involves risk. It also carries opportunity to thrive and expand. When running a small business, having experienced counsel to address ongoing legal issues can make a difference in how your business is run and how it succeeds. The Kurland Law Group offers consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses in Maryland. With more than two decades of experience, firm founder and small-business owner Sari K. Kurland understands the ongoing legal concerns that arise and how to effectively meet the daily and future needs of a business.

The firm’s attorneys offer comprehensive business services focused on local business counseling, expansion and growth:

  • Local business counseling: Many small-business owners know a lot about their business venture, yet need assistance with the daily legal issues that arise within the business. The Kurland Law Group strives to help small businesses address these concerns as they arise — often in order to avoid the potential for future business litigation. Some of the daily business consulting issues handled by the firm’s lawyers include resolving concerns with creditors; dealing with business insolvency and evaluating options for staying afloat; evaluating opportunities to thrive; structuring finances for effective asset protection; creating, reviewing and negotiating contracts; and assisting with complex decision-making.
  • Small business expansion and growth: While many law firms are hesitant to provide advice regarding spontaneous business growth ideas of clients, the Kurland Law Group is always available to listen to your ideas and provide an honest assessment of the benefits and risks associated with the business idea. The firm’s lawyers are dedicated to helping your business achieve its long-term growth objectives, and will work closely with you to develop and evaluate business expansion and growth.

Trust In The Firm’s Experience, Integrity And Innovation

Allow your business to succeed by partnering with an experienced law firm that can provide the legal counsel you need in all aspects of your small business. Call 301-327-2111 or contact the law firm online to arrange a complimentary and confidential initial phone consultation with a knowledgeable business and commercial law attorney.