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Guidance Through Short Sales For A Second Mortgage

While second mortgages can provide financial relief for homeowners with equity in their property, the loan can become an unmanageable burden if financial problems arise. An inability to pay the primary mortgage is only made worse with the knowledge that the second mortgage is reaching delinquent status.

For more than two decades, Maryland residents have relied on Kurland Law Group for effective solutions to complex financial problems. The Rockville law firm helps clients with out-of-control debt related to second mortgages.

Attorneys Skilled In Helping Financially Strapped Homeowners

Foreclosure is not an attractive option for a homeowner; neither is it the ideal choice for the holder of your mortgage or second mortgage. Credit ratings are not the only thing that suffers: A financial institution’s bottom line is impacted.

The goal of the short sale is to unload all burdensome debt. Being obligated to continue payments on a second mortgage defeats the purpose of the short sale process.

The bankruptcy lawyers of Kurland Law Group focus on helping clients find solutions to financial problems. Handling the complexity of negotiating a short sale involving a second mortgage requires experience, skill and savvy. For more than 20 years, the firm has employed creative strategies and overcome obstacles for every client.

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