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Helping Homeowners With Primary Residence Short Sales

A short sale is anything but a simple process. The opportunity to resolve mortgage debt for less than what is owed requires the help of an experienced attorney. With the help of a lawyer skilled in finding solutions for Maryland residents overwhelmed by their debt load, they have the chance to end the foreclosure process and get the peace of mind denied them for so long.

Kurland Law Group helps clients avoid foreclosure, minimize damage to their credit rating and find an alternative to a Chapter 7 filing or Chapter 13 reorganization.

The Need For Legal Help To Resolve Debt Problems Through A Short Sale

The goal of a short sale is for the lender to accept less than the total amount due upon the sale of a home. For that reason, homeowners need an attorney with the experience and savvy of Sari Kurland and Brandon Bernstein. For more than two decades, the attorneys of Kurland Law Group have helped those clients find solutions to serious financial problems. The firm has aggressively protected the rights of clients to discharge or reorganize their debts.

Asking a lender to take a smaller amount than what is owed is not a “do-it-yourself” prospect.

In challenging financial times, lenders are open to negotiating a short sale. While forgiving the remaining balance is not guaranteed, a short sale — as opposed to a foreclosure — is more likely to achieve that goal. The help of a Rockville-based lawyer is paramount.

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