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Avoiding Foreclosure With Investment Property Loan Modifications

While loan modification programs have focused on and required a primary residence, more consideration is being given to investment properties. Vacation homes and rental duplexes are becoming a larger part of the foreclosure problem. In recognition of that growing trend, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program is now considering modifications for investment properties.

Attorneys Who Have Saved Many Investment Properties For Clients

For more than two decades, Sari Kurland and the legal team at Kurland Law Group in Rockville have helped Maryland residents from all walks of life resolve their debt problems. Financial problems are not exclusive to middle-income families. Many who have invested hard-earned money into a vacation home or rental unit are seeing their property values drop and their equity dissipating before their eyes.

Just like any other real estate, the loss of investment property to foreclosure is a lose-lose situation for both the owner and the bank. Abandoned and empty property benefits no one. The owner is willing to continue payments — albeit smaller — and the lender wants to maintain its bottom line. The Kurland Law Group provides dedicated advocacy to property owners in negotiating loan modifications workable for both sides.

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Contact Kurland Law Group at 301-327-2111 or send an email to discuss a loan modification for an investment property. Working together, the firm’s loan modification lawyers and clients can end the fear of foreclosure while maintaining the debt obligations of the owner.

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