Blogging – to pay or not to pay?

| Jan 23, 2011 | Welcome To My Blog!!! |

My website sales rep came to the office last week and asked me if I wanted to pay for blogging services, to pay his company to post information on my website for me. I didn’t think that they could or should represent me – that the posts should be genuine – that they should be my words so here it goes. I’m not going to use this Blog to post information about bankruptcy, you can get that from my website and truthfully, it would just be very boring. I think this Blog is best used to share my stories. To talk about situations I encounter in my everyday work life. The truth is often unbelievable, you can’t make this stuff up. Of course I will never share names or personal details. I will absolutely protect the confidentiality of my clients but the stories are often better than anything you find on TV or in the movies so I thought I would start writing about what happens here in this office on a regular, irregular basis. Stay tuned!