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Stop Wage Garnishment and Repossessions

Stop Wage Garnishment And Repossessions

Are creditors and collection agencies threatening to garnish your wages or repossess your car? Don’t panic. The Kurland Law Group can help you stop wage garnishment and repossession.

Fortunately, your constitutional rights and state laws protect you. Although the bill collectors don’t want you to know it, wage garnishment and repossession are expensive legal processes that take time. The truth is, they really don’t want to jump through the necessary legal hoops to claim your wages, and they certainly don’t want their car back. You have time and the law on your side.

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If you are concerned about wage garnishment, talk to the right lawyer right away. The Kurland Law Group has more than two decades of experience helping people who are trying to overcome the burdens of excessive debt. The firm’s attorneys will put a stop to the threatening phone calls and letters immediately. By law, as soon as you hire an attorney, the creditors must start working directly with them.

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Discussing Your Financial Circumstances

The firm’s attorneys won’t push you into filing for bankruptcy if you are uncomfortable about it. After all, bankruptcy isn’t right for everyone. Often, having an attorney discuss the matter with your creditors, and working out a repayment plan, is an effective way to prevent garnishment, repossession and foreclosure. But it all starts with an in-depth analysis of how Kurland Law Group can help.

“Creditors must follow a very specific set of rules in order to garnish your wages or repossess your car. The process takes time, and nothing is going to happen tomorrow, but it is important to talk to me about how I can help stop the process in its tracks.” — Attorney Sari Kurland

An attorney can help you:

  • Develop a workable repayment plan that meets your creditors’ needs — and yours
  • Put a legal stop to wage garnishment
  • Prevent repossession of your car
  • Stop mortgage foreclosure proceedings — right up to the day of the hearing
  • Restructure your total debt by filing Chapter 13 debt reorganization
  • Eliminate your credit card debts by filing Chapter 7

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Kurland Law Group is a debt relief agency. The firm helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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