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Restructuring Your Business Through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Although Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often thought of as an option for large corporations, it is also available for individuals and families that have accumulated significant personal debt. It may be an excellent option for high net worth executives and professionals who have suddenly lost their income and are concerned about foreclosure of their homes or personal business assets.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a supervised debt restructuring option that allows you to save a significant amount of money by lowering your interest payments and avoiding late fees and penalties. It will also prevent foreclosure and repossession of personal property.

More Than Two Decades Of Experience Handling Chapter 11 Proceedings

If you have personal debt obligations in excess of $1.1 million, Kurland Law Group can help. An attorney will sit down with you and analyze your complete financial situation and develop a plan for restructuring your debt that will work for you, and that will be acceptable to the bankruptcy courts that will oversee the plan.

Chapter 11 individual bankruptcy can:

  • Immediately prevent home foreclosure actions from proceeding
  • Stop repossession of professional and business assets in your name
  • Save thousands of dollars on interest and fee payments
  • Protect your financial and professional reputation

It’s Not Too Late To Stop Collections Actions And Foreclosure Proceedings

Kurland Law Group will immediately begin the process of placing a hold on pending foreclosure and collections actions that may already be in place. You have up to one day prior to your foreclosure hearing date to file.

Contact the firm’s office in Rockville, Maryland, to arrange a free confidential initial phone consultation — the right lawyer for right now. Call 301-327-2111.

Kurland Law Group is a debt relief agency. The firm helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.