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Small-Business Bankruptcy Attorneys Dedicated To Entrepreneurs

Debt problems related to a business should not adversely affect the personal assets of the owner or their immediate family. Kurland Law Group helps Maryland residents get control of out-of-control debts. The firm’s Rockville bankruptcy lawyers are proactive and combine effective asset protection strategies with a big-picture approach.

Helping You Shield Valuable Personal Property

When a business entity such as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or corporation is properly established, the owner does not have to fear personal property being taken should the company run into financial problems. Not delineating valuable assets for personal use and business operations is a recipe for disaster and a quick path to losing valuable possessions.

Collection agencies employ aggressive collection tactics when a small business is facing tough financial times. Kurland Law Group‘s attorneys respond with equally aggressive strategies to protect personal assets and the rights of struggling business owners. Far too much is at stake for overlooked details or errors in setting up a business to result in the loss of a home, valuable investment property or marital property and assets.

Looking Out For Your Business

Contact Kurland Law Group via email or by calling the law firm at 301-327-2111 to discuss protection of personal property from a business failing that leads to bankruptcy.