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Protecting Your Second Home

The opportunity to own a second home should be the realization of a dream. For many hardworking Maryland residents, however, that dream becomes a nightmare when financial problems arise.

The Kurland Law Group helps shield real estate assets for hardworking Rockville residents looking to not only enjoy but also protect the fruits of their labor.

Experienced Lawyers Fighting To Protect Your Assets

Creditors are aggressive in collecting debts. Endless telephone calls are only the start. Liens and lawsuits could soon follow. Levies could deplete a bank account with little money in it already. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is a way to protect a second home from a lien or foreclosure. Loan modifications can also relieve stress and allow a second homeowner to secure a fresh start.

Attorney Sari Kurland and the attorneys at Kurland Law Group provide peace of mind to clients from all walks of life. While those who own second homes may enjoy more wealth, financial problems could deplete their resources, putting a valuable asset such as a second home at risk of forfeiture or foreclosure.

Taking a proactive stance in protecting a second home is paramount. Any delay in taking action could result in the loss of that valuable asset.

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