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Attorneys Who Know How To Protect Investment Property

Financial problems are not exclusive to poor and middle-class Maryland residents. Those who enjoy higher incomes and other forms of wealth can find themselves in dire financial situations. A job loss, medical crisis or divorce can turn a lavish lifestyle into anguish over aggressive collection actions.

At Kurland Law Group in Rockville, founding attorney Sari Kurland has provided help for struggling individuals and families for more than two decades. Ownership of investment property should reap great rewards, not instill fear of foreclosure or liens.

Exploring All Avenues For Guarding Your Investments

A notice of a lien or more drastic foreclosure actions does not mean investment property is automatically lost. Careful steps can be taken prior to or following any collection action that puts an asset at risk. A Chapter 7 filing or Chapter 13 debt restructuring stops all efforts by a bank or creditor to take a valuable asset. Federal loan modification programs exist as an alternative to bankruptcy, bringing the mortgage holder to the table to negotiate a better payment plan.

Options exist, and the firm will explore all avenues of resolution. The firm’s attorneys clearly communicate the choices clients have in protecting an asset that has value now and into the future.

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Contact a lawyer at Kurland Law Group at 301-327-2111 or via email to arrange a free confidential initial phone consultation regarding protection of investment property.